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Rulebook is considered one of the best iPad apps for lawyers and law students. A list of reviews and articles about the law app are featured below, with links to each website.

The Bluebook on iPad

iPhone J.D., September 26, 2012: Rulebook + The
Bluebook — a uniform system of citation on the iPhone and iPad

FindLaw, August 23,2012: The Bluebook App: A Uniform System of Citation on Your Cell

LawSites, August 17, 2012: The Bluebook Goes Mobile (plus Five Free Downloads)

Legal Productivity, August 17, 2012:  App of the Week: The Bluebook Goes Mobile

Third Apple, August 13, 2012: Get the Blue Book on your iPad or iPhone

The Bluebook and RRA Joint Press Release, August 13, 2012: The Bluebook Is Now Available As a Mobile App

Law Technology News, August 13, 2012: The Bluebook’ Is Going Mobile

The Goodson Blogson, August 10, 2012- The Bluebook: There’s an App for That


Rulebook Reviews

Macs in Law, June 2014: Rulebook App can replace your Rulebook books

Law Technology News, May 2014: Rulebook App can replace your Rulebook books

FindLaw, August 23, 2013: There’s An App For That: Top 10 Apps for Law Students

MacLitigator, August 11, 2012: Rulebook Updated – 1Ls and Citation Geeks Rejoice

The Federal Lawyer, May 2012: The iPad and the Law

MacLitigator, April 27, 2012: App Review: rulebook – Electronic Legal Rules on the iPad

Texas Bar Journal, April 2012: iPad for Trial Lawyers

Legal Productivity, March 9, 2012: App of the Week: Replace Paper Rule Books with the Rulebook App

iPhone J.D., February 28, 2012: Review: Rulebook — browse, search and annotate court rules

Third Apple, February 20, 2012: New lawyer app: rulebook

Law Technology News, January 26, 2012: iPad Apps to Boost Productivity at Your Law Practice


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Press Release – The Bluebook
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“Rulebook is well worth picking up and using.”